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Al-Jazeera – The New Media Era April 11, 2007

Posted by Muhammad in ajforum07, Al Jazeera, Media Forum.

Al Jazeera had a stand at their 3rd Annual Media forum which they called Al Jazeera New Era. They even gave away those cool coffee mug flasks with the logo on it… anyway… the point of it was to show the vast advances and possibilities available for Citizen Journalism.

They were interviewing the speakers at the conference via a Nokia N91 cell phone and a minute later the video interview was already up on Youtube. The same was done using Flickr. Another cool bit of technology they had going was video on Cellphones, in which the interview was conducted and as soon as it was completed an MMS was sent out to whoever had the pre-setup phones available and all you had to do was click the link in the MMS, and the interview started playing direct on the mobile phone.

I was blown away. Even Lawrence Lessig was blown away, wanting to know more about the technology and how it will be implemented.

The main aim of this was to highlight the possibility and also take advantage of it. Delivering Al-Jazeera’s already popular content to as many platforms as possible. This innovative way of spreading news and information is excellent for overstepping the boundaries put up by those who only aim to commercially benefit from content. It will allow Al-Jazeera to step over continental boundaries and broadcast itself to whoever wants to know, wants to listen, wants to see the opinion and the other opinion.

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